Katrina learned to weave these rattles in Maui when she met a fellow weaver named Talis Oceanheart. He has been a dear friend of Katrina’s since she first went to Maui in 1995. He toured her around the Island and introduced her to the abundant weaving fibers on the Island. They share a love of fibers and shared with each other the different types of baskets that they each wove. Talis has been weaving Hawaiian style baskets, and this is where Katrina learned a lot about traditional Hawaiian basketry, and rattle making. Talis and Katrina did the Northern California Renaissance faire together, along with other weavers, taught by Katrina and Talis.

Katrina’s rattles have become known as Joy Rattles. They are woven with a variety of materials, including, LOVE, watsonia grass, banana paper, hemp twine, and philodendron leaf.

Katrina has traveled to Mexico, and created a weaving project with these rattles, in Baja in 2000. She is presently working with 2 people in Yelapa Mexico, whom weave the rattles to help keep up with the production of these well-loved rattles. They can go anywhere, in your backpack, in the sweat lodge, to the top of the mountain, wherever you may need an instrument. Joy rattles are lightweight, sound great, and are filled with the intention of bringing JOY…sing, dance, feel the LOVE.

Single rattle: $30 • Double headed rattle: $50

To place an order email: katrina@joyworksbest.com and pay with Venmo link below.

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