Herbal Healing Salve made with wild crafted, home infused, St John's oil, infused with calendula flowers, hops flowers, lavender essential oil, and bees wax from my bees....and lots of love

2 oz. / $30.00 • 4 oz. / $35.00

Sage Sticks • small: $5.00 or large: $10.00 

Herbal Smoking Blend, made with damiana, scullcap, red clover, white sage, mullein, anise seed, lavender, and lots of love... $10.00

Lavender and Rose Sachets • small: $5.00 or large:$10

St. Johns Wort Oil • 2oz. / $25.00

To place an order email: katrina@joyworksbest.com and pay with Venmo link below.

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Katrina's booth at the Goddess Crafts Faire in Sebastopol, 2006.