Katrina SkyWeaver is a mother, artist, herbalist, basket weaver, dancer and lover of plants and life. She learned to weave baskets in 1991, and has been joyfully weaving ever since. Her love for plants and gardening has been woven into her basket adventures. As she learned about local weaving plants, she planted them at her home and elsewhere to propagate nature's weaving wonders.

She has a deep love for the native plant Red Osha Dogwood, and continues to encourage propagation. Dogwood was used by the Pomo Indians, and has been getting cleared for vineyards.

Katrina lives on Joy Ridge in Occidental, and is blessed to be surrounded by many natural materials to explore. The Bay Laurel is abundant and has been a tree that has provided frames for many baskets. She is also blessed with Redwoods nearby, and her friend and neighbor who has a mill. When he respectfully thins his trees, or limbs the big ones, he always calls Katrina to come strip the bark. Weaving has become her passion in every aspect--planting, harvesting, creating and teaching.

Katrina has spent five winters in Maui and learned about the abundant plant fibers used for weaving in the tropical regions.

Katrina has two children, and learned to weave when the oldest was one, and has devoted her energy to being home with her children, while creating a home-based business.

Her love for sacred plant allies and herbalism has led her to medicine making. She is also a beekeeper, and is in flow with the season’s energies, as she sows seedlings, nurtures plants, harvests, weaves, and teaches--all the while, spending lots of time doing African inspired dance.

Katrina is also a co-producer of The Goddess Crafts Faire--a local faire that features women artists and performers in Sebastopol, California. She has been an artisan at this faire since the first annual, and has been involved in the production of this event since 2005.

Katrina’s work has been for sale at Flying Turtles in Occidental, CA and at Artisana and Milk and Honey in Sebastopol, CA, for the past 10 years. Her work has been featured at The Northern California Renaissance Faire, The Oregon Country Faire, Harmony Festival, Reggae on the River, and many smaller local events. She has also worked with Taylor Maid Farm, and participated in Farmer's Markets, in Sonoma, and Marin Counties.