Katrina’s baskets are woven with love. She gathers many materials locally.
Some of the weaving material she uses include:

  • Bay Laurel
  • Red Osha Dogwood
  • Hops Vine
  • Redwood Bark
  • New Zealand Flax
  • Willow

Katrina buys and dyes her own hemp twine. She uses non-toxic basket dyes, or dyes made from natural materials. She also uses seagrass,
coconut twine, and wool.

Katrina also uses materials gathered in Maui. Either she goes and gathers, or a friend sends certain materials that she uses on a regular basis.
These include:

  • Philodendron Leaf
  • Banyan Root
  • Seers Cactus Root
  • Royal Palm Bark
  • Norfolk Pine Needles

Each basket is woven
with prayers and love...

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